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About Us

Let's get personal...

Founded in 2006, Emerging Thoughts is an online boutique featuring clothing and accessories created by emerging and independent designers. Every item on the site is thoughtfully chosen to provide you with stylish and fun pieces that enhance your wardrobe. We pride ourselves on being in touch with you, our customer, and our goal is to create a unique and personal shopping experience. Lately we've also been featuring our own gift products created by the founder, Lauren Jade Katz.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm a designer! How do I sell my stuff here?

A: Hey, we're always looking for new designers! Get in touch with lauren@emergingthoughts.com.

Q: I have a special request, comments, questions, hopes, and dreams.

A: Feel free to email lauren@emergingthoughts.com with any concerns about the shop or your life in general.

Q: I could've sworn I created an account here a while back but it doesn't seem to be working. What happened?

A: We've recently switched commerce hosts, so you'll have to create your account again. Yeah, sorry, but it's making things way smoother on our end. Now we can focus more on new products, fulfilling orders, and snacks.